Green technologies

Today we all have far greater awareness of global warming, climate change, the need to greatly reduce ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions into the atmosphere, and the need to develop and utilise alternative renewable energy sources whenever and wherever we can.

Adopting green technology with Richard Harding Heating and Plumbing in Worthing

Solar Water Heating - especially in sunny Worthing

A sustainable option

A water cylinder, ideal for solar panels

If your current central heating boiler provides a store of hot water in a cylinder (ie. a regular or system boiler), a solar water heating system could provide a golden opportunity to ‘go green.’

Solar thermal products work by harnessing freely available energy from the sun. This simple, clean and efficient technology absorbs sunshine and converts it into heat that is pumped directly into your hot water cylinder.

A diagram of a typical solar water and heating system
A diagram of a typical solar water and heating system

Solar thermal panels operate on the principle of daylight absorption and don’t depend on long spells of unbroken sunshine. A special coating on the absorber ensures that the system performs efficiently – even on cloudy days. The panels harness the power in both direct and diffused sunlight to convert the sun’s energy into hot water for your home and are designed to complement existing heating and hot water systems.

Used in conjunction with a regular or system boiler, a typical solar thermal system could provide around 50-70% of your home’s annual domestic hot water requirements - in the summer months this could be as high as 80-90%.

To operate a solar system with a central heating system you will need to have a hot water cylinder with two heating coils inside – one running from the heating system and the other from the solar system. Grants* from the Government are usually available towards the cost of installing a solar water heating system so please contact us for more information and we can guide you through the process.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Sustainable heat for your home

Ground source heat pumps are relatively new to the UK but their proven technology has been used for many years in northern Europe. These innovative products tap into energy from the sun – which is absorbed by the earth.

Ground pumps for geothermal heating systems

The ground source heat pump system simply extracts the energy trapped below the surface of the land adjoining your property and turns it into heat for your home. The system works on similar principles to a fridge but in reverse.

A diagram of a typical ground-source heat pump system
A diagram of a typical ground-source heat pump system

Ground source heat pumps work most effectively with underfloor heating systems but they can also be used with radiators. Although ground source heat pumps have been designed to be the only source of heating and hot water for your home, they can be used in conjunction with solar thermal panels. Again, there are usually grants* available to help towards the cost of a ground-source heat pump for your home.

A diagram of various ground-source collection layouts

Government Grants

Through the government’s Low Carbon Buildings Programme a grant is available towards the cost of installing a Greenskies solar water heating system. It is currently £400 or 30%* of the relevant eligible cost, whichever is lower.

For full details of the grant and how to apply, visit

*Grant amount correct at time of publishing.

For more information please call us on 01903 50 30 40 or contact us via our contact form.

At a glance: Richard Harding's green technology services

Installation and maintenance of:

  • solar panels
  • solar hot water systems
  • ground source heat pumps
  • air source heat pumps
  • solar hot water cylinders
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